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Top SEO India (, A leading SEO Solution Blog help you to get higher rankings for your business in all targeted search engines. With our Latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques you can grow your online business. Just increase your online business with Our Quality SEO Process.

What is SEO?

: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a technique or process to improve website rankings in Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. By using Quality and proven SEO techniques you can increase your Website rankings and web traffic as well. In todays time, every one needs their online business on top... if you have online website for your targeted business then SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Internet Marketing Process is the essential programme for the website. By using the Ethical SEO techniques, We can increase your online rankings in search engines and online Web traffic as well.

Why You Need SEO Services

: Once you have online Website, surly you will think about 'How do I Get More Traffic ?' and 'Higher Search Engine Rankings' and surly about to increase online business through website. After all, Web Traffic means more sales, more clients and definitely more money. To do this, you need to choose the best SEO Services company to get the desired results and targeted audience. We at can help you to do the same. Our Experts use Quality SEO process to implements all the things. We can help you to increase the search engine rankings and web traffic to the website through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process.

Our SEO Process :

  • Initial Website Analysis and Consultation
  • Business Oriented Keyword Research Analysis
  • Content Optimization and Analysis
  • Website SEO Optimization
  • On Page SEO Optimization
  • Off Page SEO Optimization
  • Reporting and Monitering
  • Maximum AdSense Ad Units Per Page

    How Many AdSense Ad Units Per Page are Allowed?

    Google AdSense is free and best way for website publishers to make money by displaying ads on their websites. Google AdSense offers different types of ads, and most are categorized in the following formats:

    • AdSense content unit
    • AdSense link unit
    • AdSense for search

    Adsense allows to put a maximum of 3 Adsense Content Ads (Ad Units) , 3 Link Units and 2 Adsense Search Boxes on each post/page of your website.

    How to Setup Google Analytics Tracking Code

    How to Setup Google Analytics Tracking Code in Website

    Google Analytics (GA) is a free tool that helps you track all the visitors and other tracking on your website. To set up Google Analytics follow these steps:
    • Sign into or create your Google Analytics account.
    • Click Admin, then click Select a Property › Create New Property.
    • Complete the form, then select Get Tracking ID.
    google analytics setup
    • Copy the tracking code provided on the following page. Be sure to copy the entire code, beginning with .
    • Copy and paste it into the code of every page you want to track.
    • Save your changes.

    Finally Google Page rank Updated

    Is there any Google Page Rank update? Recently On 6th December 2013, we received a news from the web that Google has updated the Page Rank.
    I didn't see any PR update on my websites... did you check your websites?

    How to Measure Success through Social Media Marketing

    Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace are the best campaigns of social media these days when it comes to land visitors to your site.
    Social Media Marketing

    Measuring the ROI of social media marketing is quite impossible for most companies. According to Direct Market Association, investing one dollar on direct response campaign can typically make 10 dollars or more. This is quite possible because they have been watching the statistics of their transactions via direct television response, direct mail, paid search and several campaigns. If you are a newcomer in the world of social media or SEO, there are three categories of social media metrics make calculating ROI of social media promotions simple:

    Quantitative Metrics: In these metrics, you can be overwhelmed because of several numbers and intensive data in it. Hence, you have to pick the key of metrics related to your business and which includes demographics, total views of page, followers, frequency, bounce rates and the time length of visit.

    Qualitative Metrics: These metrics contain subjective or emotional elements. For example, if 70% of the users mention any product of your business as "cheap", the balanced 30% of them would call it as "inexpensive". The meaning of both is same. But this qualitative metric strongly effects on your business. There are only few companies which analyze their data with qualitative metrics online to offer their products.

    ROI Metrics: Social media is a great platform to go social and advertise products and services and it must be the idea for the attainment of ROI. Most organizations apply podium of social media in order to make money. But it is important to keep an eye on your website for tracking percentage of visitors to be changed into customers. Hence, you can measure the social networking efficiency with ROI campaign.

    Google updates new navigation in Webmaster Tool

    Today i found that Google has updated the navigation within Webmaster Tools and added some new features also to make it frequently and easier to access. Mariya Moeva, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst' said, "The new navigation was redesigned and structured to be in the order of "the stages of search".... Read the full Article at

    Matt Cutts Confirms Google’s Panda Dance Every Month

    Google Panda Update
    Google's Panda Dance on the Way!!
    Google's Head of the Web Spam, Matt Cutts confirm that Google Panda rolls out monthly over 10 days or so in a month. He confirms this at SMX Advanced. In a discussion with Search Engine Land he told that Google will update this Panda algorithm monthly.

    How to Increase Website Rankings via SEO by keyword research?

    If you use your keywords in proper way, your website not only get high rankings but the visits in your website will be increased. With using appropriate keywords on your website, people not only get you and make you popular but they also find convenience to use your products. Here are the tips to increase page ranks with keyword research.

    Understand the keywords : The keywords are nothing more than words or phrases used widely by web surfers to find relevant information from the search engines. The SEO ranking of website can greatly be improved by knowing the value of keywords.

    Pick the keywords related to your site and widely used : Apart from the content of your website, the keyword density is also considered by SEO. You can easily know about your relevant keyword like number of times the specific keyword is searched from Google Adwords.

    Pick beneficial keywords : You can get a huge traffic with profitable keywords with higher conversion rates.

    Eliminate competition : Keep looking at your profitable keyword but eliminate those keywords which have higher competition because they can hardly increase your website’s page rank. Make sure the keywords are from your profitable keywords listing.

    Add keywords at the beginning and end of your articles and make sure to include these keywords on your page titles, tags and other valued contents of webpage. When it comes to name images, you can also keep these keywords in mind.

    Online Reputation Management

    What is Online Reputation Management (ORM) in SEO and how it can help you?

    If you have leaned from high school, you may probably have learned that your reputation is in your own hands and it is elastic and changes with time. And this works almost same for businesses as you can shape your own reputation with the online presence. In this way, the online reputation management (ORM) works seamlessly with the marketing program in the context of search engine. If you push negative listings on the front page of search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google, the ORM damages your commentary from others. When it comes to gain great reputation, online reputation management helps with its tools.
    Online Reputation Management

    Google Alerts : Probably, Google Alerts is considered to be well-known and easiest tool of reputation management. Simply, you have to include what you want to track on the term such as your company name, and you will get email alerts on your inbox which will tell you where and when this term was used. Though it doesn’t analyze anything for you, but it informs you properly about the facts.

    Social Mention : This tool sends alerts about all keywords related to your business and this is the best part of this tool. This tool is also used to analyze where your brand name is used and how important it is.

    Whos Talking : Just like SocialMention, this tool also alerts about the keywords and brand as where they are mentioned. But with this tool, you can also see the mentions on almost all accounts of social media along with images and videos.

    Alterian : Tons of data and information are offered by this tool. You can also know about the views of people on different countries about your company also in different languages and from different demographics. Simply speaking, you can know everything about your online reputation.

    Why Quality Content is More Important for a Website?

    There are many reasons to use quality contents as the way of online marketing for a website. First of all, quality content is capable to engage readers. Next up, quality content can boost up traffic and page ranks on your site. And last, this is the quality content which increases links. Here are the reasons why content is important for a site in brief:
    SEO Content Writing

    Engaging readers: Entertainment, information and enticement are the three things to consider in making quality content for your site. You also have to include the keywords related to your site in your article. Content should be natural and not to be overloaded with keywords. Your content should be targeted on the reader. When high quality and well-written content can increase the value of your site, poor-quality content can ruin the value of your site by decreasing rankings.

    Increase traffic and rankings: With having the relevant keywords in the article, the search engine automatically optimizes the content. As a result, it will receive high traffic and rankings for your site. And the site gains strong potential of visibility to the surfers. On the contrary, search engine penalizes black-hat or gray-hat contents.

    Increase trust: The informative and credible contents can show the people about what you are telling about. In fact, customers can easily be convinced by quality contents in that way.

    You can include custom contents and add information through:

    • Online articles
    • Blogs
    • Checklists
    • ‘How-to” Articles
    • Product descriptions and reviews
    • Resource
    • Industry Updates

    Statistics show the power and importance of contents

    • 80% of the business decisions are made by studying articles, not advertisement.
    • 90% of the customers believe on contents. 78% of the organizations maintain strong customer relationships with custom contents.
    • With quality contents, 60% of the trust made to attract customers.

    Importance of Search Engine Optimization for Website Productivity

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    If you don’t know about SEO, just keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization is a technique of products and service marketing and to build traffic of website. In fact, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a science which works on the internet to increase the productivity of your website. With SEO, you can get your web contents more attractive, reliable and more visible to indexing and crawling robots of the search engines.
    Top SEO Services

    Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Obviously, you cannot get millions of ratings for your website only with SEO. But there is no efficient way in the world to get traffic than SEO. Why we are saying this? Take a look on these points:
    • SEO makes more money for you: If you are a publisher who uses PPC campaigns or any affiliate programs, you may know that the faster way to improve traffic is by placing ads on the search engines with which you can get more clicks.
    • Helps you develop community: With using the methods of SEO, you can make your portal a community where many people can come and buy the services or products from you.
    • More followers, fans and RSS feeds: With publishing the SEO articles on the web, the credibility of your website also improves as a sign of popularity. It means, your website will get more Twitter followers, more Facebook fans and more RSS feeds. In short, you can gain robust power of social networking because SEO lets people know about the useful products and services are available from your website.
    In conclusion, SEO is not truly be said the cost. In fact, it is the investment that can give you promising and more valuable returns. In addition, SEO becomes the most important aspect for online marketing and it eventually came into limelight with the image of Sales Rockstar.